Cultural events in Chania.

Chania is known not only as a popular tourist destination but also as a place of great cultural identity with a permanent presence in cultural events.

 The cultural identity of Chania is the soul of a living society that, through cultural events, keeps the memories of the past, celebrates the present, and envisions the future.

In Chania, there are many events for all ages organized by the Municipality of Chania, the regional municipal theater of Crete, and the AMKE "Cultural Society of Crete." Many private organizations also have a strong presence in the area, such as the artistic society YOUCA, the theater stage SkinoPlokoi, which organizes and hosts theatrical performances, music concerts, dance events, film screenings, painting and photography exhibitions, and many more artistic and cultural events. Several collectives based in Chania support the spread of culture with their actions. The above organizations enable artists from all over the world to exhibit their works, usually in one of the great spaces of the old town or the Venetian port or the castles and monuments of the wider area, marrying the culture of today with the historical heritage of the city.

Every year the artistic and cultural proposals increase in density and duration, confirming the significant participation and intense pulse of the world's enormous need for moments of collective joy and common euphoria.

Of course, it is worth mentioning the famous Cretan feasts organized in every prefecture corner; other times as an opportunity to celebrate seasonal products such as the 'Honey Festival' in Afrata, the 'Graviera Festival' in Anopoli, the 'Chestnut Festival' in Elos, the 'Sfakiani Pie Festival' in Chora Sfakion, and many more local product festivals, and sometimes as religious festivals on saints' holidays with morning service in the churches of the same name and big feasts in the evening with rich traditional dishes, songs, and dances.

In this way, the cultural clubs open the doors of the village and invite the whole world to visit them, to get to know the place and its people, taste all the products produced by the locals, dance, sing and become one with the Cretan's tradition and culture.

More information on the cultural events in Chania can be found on the website

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