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As of 2013, the Greek State launched the innovative Golden Visa Scheme, which grants non-EU investors the privilege to residency in Greece and travels around the EU and Schengen area.

Outline of Golden Visa program: 

  • granting of residence permits to third-country nationals and to members of their families, who purchase real estate property in Greece, the value of which exceeds € 250,000,
  • all family members, including children up to 21, spouses, and their parents, have the right of residence under this scheme,
  • permanent residency from the first day of the application,
  • travel throughout Schengen area without any need for Visa,
  • no need to stay in Greece to retain the permit, only keep ownership,
  • access to the high quality and standards Greek educational system.

Please visit the following official government website or contact us for further information about the Golden Visa initiative.


 Golden Visa – Services Offered


ChaniaMyEstate, with the extensive local market knowledge and a large portfolio of property available, can assist you on this task by undertaking the following:

  • Find an appropriate property on behalf of the investor, ensuring that it is worth equal or more than 250,000€
  • Issue the tax registry number
  • Assist in opening a bank account in a Greek bank where the funds need to be transferred to prior the purchase
  • Ensure along with our partner, a lawyer specializing in real estate law, that the ownership titles of the property in the Land registry or Cadastral office are clear of any burdens, encumbrances
  • Issue the necessary certificates for the purchase and our partner, an engineer specializing in real estate.
  • Cooperate with the notary for the completion of the purchase,
  • Proceed with all the required actions for the issuance of the residence permit.

ChaniaMyEstate will not only propose a property meeting your wishes but will also coordinate the entire process for the issuance of your residence permit – Golden Visa.


Real estate consulting services


 ChaniaMyEstate has a broad spectrum of real estate consulting services in Chania. Working with us you have many advantages, some of which are:

  • Saving time: depending on your needs, we quickly present you with the most relevant solutions available.
  • Saving money: we help you optimize your costs and reach the best compromise.
  • English speaking partners: all our agents can help you in English.
  • Experience: we are used to answers to the specific needs of international clients.

We provide a tailored service depending on your needs:

  • Guidance on your research and criteria
  • Search & selection of properties
  • Answers to your questions on taxes or asset management
  • Visiting & assessing property in your stead with a full report (optional)
  • Communication with the different partners, brokers, or promoters
  • Answers to your questions on lease management
  • Assistance during the sale process and after

When you get in touch with us, our agents take the time to study your wishes, understand your issues and goals, to answer them with a relevant custom solution. We create a meaningful presentation for your property in Greek and English. An experienced real estate photographer professionally stages the property. We market these nationally and through our international real estate network to find the buyers and achieve the best price. Whether you need a lawyer, notary, architect, appraiser, or craftsman, we have the correct contact for you.


Property valuations


We estimate your real property without any commitment for you. Still, we propose you a complete sale service for your properties in Chania without any fees at your charge. You will competently and comprehensively be advised to sell your property. We quickly organize a personal meeting. You will receive a real estate evaluation after we view the property. In our valuation, we deliver a deep analysis and present all the aspects that will matter for selling your property. With that, we suggest you the highest sale price for your property in Chania.

While selling your property, you benefit from a complete and professional service, from the estimation to the sale.


Technical Services


 In collaboration with our partners' specialized Engineers, ChaniaMyEstate undertakes to carry out site inspections, check property status with the urban planning authorities, issue certificates, regularize any property-related legal irregularities, and obtain permits, thus helping its customers comply with all legal requirements.


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